Edgesource provides systems engineering and integration support for C4ISR systems and tactical data processors across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Department of State. We provide full life-cycle engineering support from requirements and capabilities development through fielding and post-deployment support. We provide testing support to include Limited User Tests (LUT), Developmental Tests (DT), Operational Tests (OT), and Full Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E). We also support service and joint integration events such as Network Integration Events (NIE), Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), and Multiservice Operational Test & Evaluation (MOT&E) exercises. Our support includes all testing and evaluation preparatory services. Additionally, our team of engineers has supported both CONUS and OCONUS operations and provided systems training to deploying units in support of the National Training Center (NTC), Joint Training Center (JTC), and Mission Readiness Exercises (MRX). We have direct experience with DCGS-A, CHIMS, CHAMS, CHARCS, ASOMS, IBS, GCCS, DRRS, and other C4ISR systems. 


As part of the DOS A/EX/ITS enterprise development network infrastructure, Edgesource worked with the customer to establish a development and test lab (ANET) and has now operated, managed, and maintained the lab for nearly 10 years. We coordinate and support development and testing of all A/EX/ITS software and new applications. The A/EX/ITS development and test lab is one of the few such facilities within the DOS supporting the development, testing and configuration management needs of the various DOS offices and organizations. The lab is managed in a manner that allows the A/EX/ITS program managers to bring clients into an environment that mirrors the production environment so that software (custom, commercial/government off-the-shelf), and hardware can be tested without a risk of impact to the production environment. Over the past several years, Edgesource has implemented advanced server virtualization to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the lab. The environment is a fully functional replica of the OpenNet operational environment, including all core network services, file shares, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, SQL, Oracle, and a myriad of development tools. We support and maintain all of the tools in the environment.

DOS Multimedia Broadcast Network (BNET)

Edgesource established and provides operational and maintenance support for the DOS BNET, a multimedia/video streaming service provided to DOS employees worldwide. Edgesource helped plan, define, implement and install an improved BNET that reliably delivers 24x7 availability for all employees, video and audio output that displays maximum quality using minimum bandwidth, and video-on-demand and video download capabilities. Edgesource evaluated the entire BNET IT infrastructure and identified the Web and database servers for improvement. The Edgesource team migrated the web and database back ends of the system to multi-node web and SQL Server clusters in a high-bandwidth and high-availability data center and developed synchronization mechanisms for the content management system used to administer shared content.

In support of System Engineering / SETA, we provide the following:
  • System & Software Testing
  • Integration / Interoperability (HW/SW)
  • Legacy Migration
  • Post Deployment Sustainment Support (HW/SW)
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis
  • Technology Evaluations / Prototyping / Demonstrations
  • Systems Training
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Systems Implementation Planning
  • Architecture Planning and Development
  • Requirements Analysis, Design, & Development
  • Capabilities Development
  • System Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Data Analysis / Data Hygiene
  • Software Development & Maintenance
  • Programming
  • System Security (RMF, A&A, C&A)