Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Foreign Service Institute / Diplomatic Security Training Center

Edgesource provides a range of Workforce Development support to the US Department of State through two large scale and critical US government employee training efforts. For the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Edgesource delivers learning management and training solutions for over 50,000 DoS users worldwide. Our staff participates in all aspects of research, development, and implementation of distance learning technologies to facilitate the training of department personnel. We serve as the Distance Learning Coordinator for their LearnCenter learning management system.

For the Diplomatic Security Training Center (DSTC), Edgesource provides role-based Information Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity training to all of the DS Directorates and other organizations in the DOS, as well as other US government agencies through DSTC’s status as an Information Systems Security Line of Business (ISSLOB) provider. This training provides employees with the policy information, tools, processes, and procedures to increase the government staff’s security posture. The target audience for this training includes Information Systems Security Officers and Systems Administrators, as well as technical and non-technical managers, leaders and executives. Edgesource designs and produces student workbooks, student guidebooks, instructor guidebooks, user manuals, and training handbooks as part of our curriculum development.
Food and Drug Administration

In support of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Edgesource provides security training to assist our customer in protecting sensitive information, including intellectual property, trade secrets, proprietary information, personally identifiable information (PII), and protected healthcare information. Edgesource provides cyber and information security awareness training courses to a wide range of key FDA decision makers including Executives, Contract Administrators, and System Security Specialists. Edgesource leverages the Federal information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) for guidance in preparing the coursework.
Department of Defense (Mobile Training Teams)

Edgesource provides key training services and Mobile Training Teams (MTT) in support of deploying units by providing soldiers and civilians with CONUS and OCONUS training support on C4ISR systems and intelligence capabilities. We utilize approved DoD, IC, and federal training methodologies (ISD, ADDIE) and incorporate real-world training instruction and scenarios.   We develop courses, training plans, and training documentation, provide set-up of classroom tools, COMSEC equipment and satellite connections (NIPR, SIPR, JWICs, NSANET), and establish connectivity to supported systems (specifically DGCS-A, JTT, ENTRs, and others).

Our team has provided MTT support to deploying Army brigades on Joint C4ISR systems for collection and exploitation of SIGINT, MASINT, and ELINT data, in addition to specialized training modules incorporated into both basic and advanced soldier training courses. We train enlisted, warrant officers, officers, and civilians on how to plan, request, collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence data. We directly support units and organizations’ operational readiness between deployments via mission rehearsal exercises (MRXs), command post exercises (CPXs) and field training exercises (FTXs). Additionally, we provide training on maintaining the system and troubleshooting technical issues to ensure connectivity in the field. In addition to Brigade and below unit training, we provide training to Division and Corps staff and training to ASCC, COCOM, and IC staff on collection planning, ISR asset prioritization, and operations support in addition to other training topics.

In support of Workforce Development, we provide the following:
  • Scenario Development
  • Records Management
  • Course Administration
  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Training Support Plans
  • Course Development (Classified / Unclassified)
  • Role / Virtual Based Training
  • Distance Learning Materials Support