Core Capabilities


mission areas


With nearly 20 years of experience supporting Department of State, our work continuously aids US government personnel to perform their mission more successfully throughout the world.


The US government requires complex problem solving approaches and integration of new technologies to meet the ever increasing threats from abroad and at home. We apply the right mix of functional and technical capabilities and innovative analytic and scientific services to advance defense and intelligence operations.


Edgesource brings proven expertise to workforce development solutions for the federal government and commercial markets. Edgesource provides comprehensive training in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance programs to include task management, policy development, support, and process guidance.


Edgesource provides high level subject matter expertise to support mission critical system modernization projects. We combine our application development, infrastructure, cybersecurity and engineering experiences with expertise in the standards, specifications, rules, laws, and nuances around health information to deliver positive outcomes to our Health IT focused US federal customers. 


Edgesource takes a pragmatic approach to compliance to ensure the system is implemented to meet customer and regulatory requirements. This includes a thorough assessment of the system in order to provide the best solution for the organizational needs and objectives.