Edgesource provides a complete package of advanced RDT&E and technical development to include rapid prototyping, technical exploitation, digital forensics, systems & software engineering, integration, and post-deployment systems and software support services.

Rapid Prototyping

Develop and deploy prototypes of new systems allowing concept testing in order to obtain feedback from users before committing to full-scale production.

Digital Forensics

Investigates computer crimes, such as data theft and fraud. Aids in recovering data that has been deleted or damaged.

Technical Exploitation

Extracts valuable information from data sources, such as captured drones, electronic communications, and video or audio recordings to identify threats, track enemy movements, and develop new strategies.

Systems & software engineering

Design, develop, and test complex systems and software applications meeting the needs of our customers.


Integrate new systems with existing systems and infrastructure ensuring seamless transition; capitalizing on investments.

Post-deployment support

Ongoing support for systems after deployment, including training, maintenance, and upgrades.

Edgesource Corporation’s Ornith Labs™ is an elite team of subject matter experts that are constantly innovating and conducting RDT&E in support of hardware and software exploitation, C-sUAS capabilities, and data analytics in national security environments.

Case Studies

In support of a Federally Funded Research and Development Center, Edgesource’s research, development, test, and evaluation team supports the transition of prototype software into operations on a containerized cloud-agnostic platform. By adopting industry best practices for rapidly deploying new applications, our team provides services to include DevSecOps, Agile Software Development, System Engineering, 24×7 Help Desk, Operations Maintenance & Support, Customer Support Representatives, Cyber Security Accreditation, Test and Validation, and Training.

Supporting a Department of Defense customer, Edgesource rapidly prototyped and deployed custom sUAS technical capability that enabled the collection of sensitive operational intelligence. Relayed in real-time to operators conducting counterterrorism operations, our technology provided critical situational awareness in complex underground and indoor complexes in a micro form-factor.

In support of a Department of Justice customer, Edgesource developed and deployed a forensic capability capable of extracting and parsing sensitive data from seized assets. The team rapidly exploited multiple layers of encryption to successfully retrieve critical information to support a federal investigation.

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IT Engineering

Leveraging innovative technologies to develop pragmatic solutions to complex problems.


Hardware, software, exploitation, and integrations to defend against UAS threats domestic and international.


Empowering your organization to strategically engage your stakeholders and further your mission.

Training Services

Providing a variety of modalities and methods to meet your organizational training needs.