Edgesource offers a comprehensive range of C-sUAS solutions that cover both offensive and defensive aspects. Our offerings include blue-force enhancements, long-range passive detection, tracking and identification capabilities, historical trend analysis, and rapid field forensics. Additionally, we provide training on drone response techniques and operational usage.

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Security Risks of the Aeroscope Upgrade Module

DJI recently sent hardware upgrade modules (“dongles”) to their AeroScope dealers and began encrypting Drone ID data.

This whitepaper previews our reverse-engineering analysis, shares an overview of the security risks of the upgrade module, and recaps the pros and cons of the AeroScope system and DJI drones at large.

In coordination with the Pentagon, U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Embassy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and Ukrainian Special Forces, Edgesource is proud to have rapidly deployed our C-sUAS capabilities in support of the Ukrainian war effort. We are honored to have the ability to work with the Ukrainian armed forces in providing our sensors and systems to mitigate sUAS threats on the front lines and in critical cities and successfully support mission objectives.


Windtalker™ has the ability to locate and identify DJI Class 1-3 drones within a distance of 25+ kilometers in various types of environments such as urban, rural, and hostile terrains. It can be set up as a stationary or mobile unit in less than 30 minutes and can collect over 30 data points such as drone serial number, location, pilot/operator location, flight path, velocity, and altitude.

Windtalker Extend™ improves on the existing Windtalker technology by incorporating a comprehensive passive RF link library, enabling detection of both DJI and non-DJI drones across the full commercial sUAS global market.


Dowding™ offers a user-friendly platform that presents a clear and concise operating picture, similar to Google Maps. It enables the swift and secure display and analysis of sUAS activity, allowing for the creation of real-time intelligence reports with exceptional accuracy. Users receive immediate notifications of drone activity in defined zones, receive threat warnings and alerts via SMS or email. Dowding integrates Windtalker data or other best of breed C-sUAS systems or sensors, collating data into a centralized operating picture to improve response time and streamline information sharing across jurisdictional lines. With minimal training, end operators can deploy and utilize Dowding in under an hour.


Wraptor™ software has been created to increase the safety and cyber security of Blue Force sUAS and is only available to authorized U.S. government and allied partners. Its features include offline activation, disabling data logs, preventing data extraction, extinguishing lights, enabling authorized operation in zones restricted to commercial or public flying, and safeguarding the ground control application from data leakage.


Disero™ is a solution that efficiently retrieves essential flight information from captured drones. Its purpose is to offer quick and on-demand data extraction and parsing capabilities in the field. The flight logs obtained are decrypted, scrutinized, and transformed into useful reports that provide actionable insights regarding the critical event analysis timeline. Disero is only available to authorized U.S. government, allied partners, and law enforcement entities.


Spectre™ is a digital decoy that produces and sends false sUAS signals in order to mislead C-sUAS systems by obfuscating the location of the pilot and sUAS, thus promoting operational security. With its lightweight design, the device can be easily attached to a Blue Force sUAS, making it a compact and highly portable means of drone deception down range. Spectre is only available to authorized U.S. government and allied partners.


“Red Air” is a term used to describe the simulation of hostile drone flights for the purpose of training friendly personnel and systems on how to handle and prevent drone incursions. The Red Air drones are operated in a way that replicates actual threat profiles and the flight paths of malicious drones, creating a training setting that improves response tactics, techniques, and procedures for addressing intrusive drones.

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Case Studies

In support of Ukrainian special operations forces, Edgesource developed and fielded our SPECTRE system to assist the Ukrainians in deception operations behind enemy lines. SPECTRE has successfully mitigated Russian counter-battery and C-UAS attacks on Ukrainian forces and has enabled the safe operation of ISR missions.

Edgesource’s DOWDING C-sUAS Common Operating Picture (COP) provides visibility into level 1-3 drone activity in the National Capital Region. Since 2020, DOWDING has been deployed to provide critical infrastructure protection over the nation’s most sensitive sites. As a universal donor and receiver, our platform facilitates and enables coordination across multiple force protection agencies by providing an integrated picture of sUAS operations.

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