Edgesource’s Software Development services provide the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively implement, migrate and upgrade mission critical systems. From software implementations and upgrades to migrations, Edgesource’s implementation services help reduce risk and accelerate adoption of your solution. We believe in delivering value, not just systems.

Edgesource has successfully delivered dozens of legacy system rewrites, hundreds of migrations, hundreds of major version releases, and thousands of minor patches spanning 20 years. Our structured approach provides a foundation from which we continuously improve upon the value we deliver. 

Software Development Services


  • Agile Development and Delivery
  • Devps / SAFe / Scrum / Kanban
  • Business Applications Development
  • Enterprise Software, Dashboards, Workflow Management Applications
  • Software and Application Development & Engineering
  • Software Testing / Integration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Legacy Software Migration
  • Post Deployment Software Support (O&M)
  • Web Development / SharePoint / Knowledge Management Tools